The hidden meaning in ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’

The multiverse element metaphors the anarchy of technology, the hot dog hand symbolizes the impossible, in the movie “EEAAO”.
The content revolves around Evelyn Wang (played by Duong Tu Quynh), a Chinese immigrant woman, a laundromat owner who has many problems in her ordinary life. One day, she must learn to travel across worlds, using all the skills the other versions have to fight evil. According to the LA Times, Daniels has incorporated many illogical details into the work to bring up the message of life values and family affection.
Multiverse – metaphor for Internet overload

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (abbreviated Daniels) – co-directors and screenwriters – have been cooking up the idea for EEAAO since 2016, after completing the film Swiss Army Man.

“At that time, we realized how scary the Internet is, from excitement to horror about progress in science. In the film, people are trying to cope with the chaos of technology,” Kwan said. told the LA Times.

The director believes that the style and color of their filmmaking are influenced by YouTube videos, short films with absurdism. When sketching the idea of a multiverse for the project, the two directors wanted to convey the meaning of life through this theme.

Stories of Asian Immigrant Heroes

Initially, Daniels did not intend to build the film around the immigrant superhero. The two filmmakers think that the story of generations of Chinese-American families has naturally integrated with the superhero theme. Moreover, the multiverse from the perspective of immigrants adds depth to the plot, giving Evelyn’s character a reason to reflect on past decisions.

“When you have to give up something, there’s a ‘what if’ question in your mind. The multiverse is the perfect place for us to explore something we haven’t done before, especially for newcomers. middle-aged people. These people have been through many hardships, they often look back on the things they have regretted. This idea is a way to explore the story of my parents, “Kwan said.

In the film, the character communicates in both English and Cantonese and mandarin. The director speaks a mix of languages that can confuse the audience, but this detail makes the film realistic, because it resembles the experience of Kwan – who grew up in an Asian immigrant family, from Taipei and Hong Kong.

According to Kwan, Asian audiences are all moved after watching the film. At the end, there is a scene where Evelyn and Waymond (Quan Ke Huy) kiss. It was merely a small gesture, he said, but for many people the scene had a big impact on them. The director pointed out that most immigrant parents often do not have a private space to express their feelings.

Message about the generation gap

Mother and daughter Evelyn and Joy (Stephanie Hsu) disagree in life, unable to find a common voice. In another universe, Joy’s version – Jobu Tupaki – turns her pain into a desire to destroy the peace of the multiverse.

With Daniels, the character Joy, like them, also has to face the confusing eyes of her parents when working as an artist. Kwan thought of his mother’s gradual acceptance of his profession to include in the script: Evelyn had to try to understand Joy as a person, including accepting her child as gay.

“This is to thank my mother for accepting our unthinkables,” said Daniel Kwan.

In a draft, Evelyn is portrayed as gruff and openly homophobic. However, the two filmmakers argue that this is not true. “Parents try to accept their children, but they have a hard time talking to us. When they rewrote the script with this in mind, the story became more interesting and nuanced,” Scheinert said.

Sausage fingers – representing a weird world

Scheinert thinks he and Kwan need to create a universe that challenges Evelyn’s empathy. In the present, she dislikes the scowling tax agent Deirdre, but the two are lovers in another universe where everyone has sausage-like fingers. Evelyn finds it odd that people in this universe express their feelings. They kissed by bringing their hands to their mouths, ketchup and mustard pouring out of their mouths. But Evelyn had to learn to love that universe, to see beauty in bizarre images. And since then, Evelyn – who is a rigid person – is forced to rethink her worldview.

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