Artist Thuy Van from the movie ‘Burning the Wind’ has passed away

Artist Thuy Van – famous for the movie “Floating in the Wind” – passed away after fighting cancer.

She died at the age of 83 at 2:20 am on March 16. At the end of her life, she had to be treated for rectal cancer that had spread to her lungs. “She passed away peacefully with her children and grandchildren, leaving no will,” said Anda, the artist’s daughter. Her funeral was held at her home, in Binh Thanh district.

Actor Tran Luc was sad when he heard the news. In his memory, artist Thuy Van is beautiful with a delicate, gentle performance, attracting viewers with eyes and expressions. “No one in our generation has never seen her films like Floating Wind, 17th Parallel, Days and Nights. She and artists like The Anh, Tra Giang are the golden generation of Vietnamese cinema, always the an example for us to follow,” Tran Luc said.

Artist Thuy Van was born on May 2, 1940, in Ninh Binh. In 1959, she attended the acting class (course 1) of the Vietnam Film School (the predecessor of the Vietnam University of Theater and Cinema), at the same time as the artists Tra Giang, Lam Toi and Tran Phuong. In 1966, she participated in the film Floating Wind by director Huy Thanh, adapted from a play by writer Dao Hong Cam, revolving around the lives of two sisters at two ends of the battle line. The older sister named Van joined the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam, the younger brother named Phuong – a lieutenant in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam.

The role marked the first cinematic touch of actress Thuy Van, making her one of the names of the Vietnamese revolutionary cinema. The beauty and indomitable virtue of Southern women through her acting make viewers flutter.

In the film, Thuy Van played a series of scenes of being beaten and tortured by the enemy. The climax is when the character is wrapped in alcohol gauze bandages on 10 fingers and then set on fire. The character’s resolute eyes left emotions in the hearts of audiences for generations.

Later, despite working as an actress and director of many famous films, the artist still admitted that she had not yet overcome the shadow of her original role. The film is one of the milestones marking the success of a generation of actors such as The Anh, Lam Toi, and Thanh Loan.

Later, she acted in many famous films such as: 17th parallel of day and night, Forest of soap operas, August Star, Two Mothers, Adopted Child. In 1985, her role in the movie Far and Near helped her win the Golden Lotus Award for the best actress at the Vietnam Film Festival. The film Black Vortex, directed by her, received a special award at the 1988 Vietnam Film Festival. She was awarded the title of People’s Artist of 2019.

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